Innovation meets Excellence

Our three core product principles drive the foundation of our unified back office and cashier platform. The principles support our main product categories: Real Money Gaming, Mobile on Premise, and Social Gaming.

Seamlessly Connected

Provide a comprehensive, frictionless online gaming experience across the most popular distribution channels. No matter what device used, you will always be home.

Protection of Pala

Ensure your “Brand” and “Reputation” is protected utilizing our in-house developed industry leading Fraud Detection and Management System across all games.


Something for everyone. We offer multiple gaming variants including Real Money, Subscription, Virtual Currency, and Free to Play.

Real Money Gaming

From the coffee shop to the couch, monetize players with online real money gaming everywhere across your state.

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Mobile On Premise

A new way to drive gaming revenue without adding more machines or floor space.

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Reward Based Social Casino

Connect with players online and drive them back to your property with integrated rewards.

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Back Office + Cashier Platform

Our unified back office and cashier platform allows for a complete player account management solution.

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Managed Services

Our comprehensive fraud management, customer support and payment processing management give you all the support you need.

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