Serendipitous Social Moments

Reward-based social casino connects you with players beyond the walls of your casino. Then drive them back to your property with awesome rewards.

We create an engaging and entertaining experience that captivates existing players and attracts new customers to your online social gaming experience that offers exciting game content, social and viral mechanics, and meta-game experiences. Furthermore, as the first step in your player’s online journey, social casino and social poker give you a conduit to onboard players for future real money mobile-on-premise and statewide real money online gaming. All of this seamlessly tied together with the following benefits for you:


Meaningful interaction and brand extension with your players outside the casino.


New gaming customers not in your current database.


Drive players back to your casino property.


Gain valuable online player behavioral data.


Integrate social play into your loyalty program.


Create additional revenue opportunities.

Deep Rewards Integration

With our real time loyalty card integration and proprietary rewards system, we allow a rewards experience that creates instant gratification between you and the player.

1. Connect Card

Players can connect their card giving you a single reference ID to build the complete player profile, single sign-on and single wallet experience.

2. Play Games

Playing all their favorite casino games like slots, blackjack, video poker, keno, roulette, players earn reward points. This is never based on the outcome of the game.

3. Earn Reward Points

Rewards Points are based on our proprietary rewards algorithm and can be customized for your specific properties retention goals.

4. Get Property Rewards

Player can redeem their rewards points for cool on property rewards such as food, concert tickets, room nights, exclusive experiences and more.